e-Safe is the advanced endpoint monitoring service designed to safeguard students and staff against the more unsavory risks posed by online and offline interactions.

e-Safe protects users by monitoring keystrokes as they are entered and imagery as it is accessed.

Anywhere Anytime

Inappropriate activity and risk isn’t limited to online behaviour and can happen anywhere offline – e-Safe provides protection wherever the device is located. 

Duty of Care Compliant

Incidents are reviewed and escalated to schools safeguarding and pastoral care staff so steps can be taken to intervene, and action recorded to demonstrate the school’s proactive handling of situations. 

Contextual Awareness

Behaviour is checked against current and historical activity to identify progressive or escalating issues such as radical and extremist behaviour, self harm, sexting, grooming and bullying .

Real-Time Image Detection

e-Safe can monitor all static and moving images as they are being transferred through the network, even over Skype and webcams. 

Forensic-Level Specialisation

Monitoring is carried out by highly trained behaviour and child protection specialists, using police-grade forensics to identify and report on the threats and risks in your environment as they occur.

Multilingual Monitoring

Detecting behaviour markers can be daunting especially if the words being used, or the keystrokes being entered are in a foreign language, particularly a non-Latin based language. But e-Safe identifies all languages including script-based character sets like Urdu, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi and Thai. 

Targeted Protection

Students identified as most vulnerable receive threat level prioritization and granular monitoring to provide early warning of risk.

Now more than ever, education providers need to be aware of threat and risk to students and staff ahead of time. Safe and timely intervention can only be achieved if the person reviewing the material understands the dynamic nature of the euphemisms and slang terms being used.

Unlike software-only monitoring, the e-Safe service removes the burden on untrained school staff to spend hours reviewing data for potential safeguarding incidents.

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