GoGuardian keeps students safe when they’re online, helps teachers engage with their students, and provides schools with better control over how their technology is used. 

With GoGuardian, educators can harness the power of the internet for learning, without harmful content or distractions getting in the way.

Get the most out of your school’s Chromebooks.

Chromebooks are a great way for teachers to engage with students and provide access to resources. But with that opportunity comes potential for students to stumble across harmful content or become distracted by videos, games, social media, and more.

With GoGuardian for Admins, not only are your students protected when they’re online, but you’ll also gain access to powerful analytics and data that can be used to improve learning.

Advanced YouTube Filter

YouTube can be a great teaching resource, so it’s a shame that many schools are forced to block the whole site simply for lack of a better filter. With GoGuardian, you have precise unprecedented granular control over which videos are viewable, creating a safe viewing environment for your students.

Customized Flagged Activity

Marks questionable content for review without the need to blacklist entire sites. You can also flag specific searches or behaviors that might be harmful, and take appropriate action when needed thanks to instant email alerts.

Theft Recovery

Find out what happened to those missing Chromebooks with just a few clicks. Once activated, GoGuardian Theft Recovery will provide vital information for fast recovery or reporting to authorities.

Constant Protection

The Internet is always “on”—your filtering software should be, too. GoGuardian protects your students (and your devices) around the clock—both inside and outside the classroom.

Protection that improves performance

With GoGuardian, students are kept safe online, and you’ll have the insights you need to improve learning outcomes across your entire school or district.

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Smarter classroom management.

With GoGuardian for Teachers, 21st-century educators have an unprecedented view into their students’ digital world. A live timeline shows exactly what each student is working on, complete with aggregate history reports and timely intervention opportunities.

With GoGuardian for Teachers, your students will always be:

Safe – Thanks to the most advanced filtering and monitoring software available.

Focused – By allowing you to minimize distractions and keep students on task.

Engaged – By giving you control over what they see (and what they don’t).

When it comes to digital learning and student safety, GoGuardian simply works best.

Check out some of the features teachers love most:

Screen Viewer
See an up-to-the-minute feed of your students’ screens in one simple window.

Activity Timeline
Understand when, where, and how students are learning, in real time.

Attention Mode
Quickly close tabs, darken screens, and lock devices for “eyes up front” focus.

Tab Control
Instantly send one or more students to a specific website in a new tab.

Ready to teach more efficiently?

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